Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston Area Quillers

Hi everyone, still trying to get this site going but need other crafters to send me info on Houston crafting groups that meet.  In keeping with that I will start with a call to all Houston Area Quillers who would like to meet to quill or learn to quill.  Please leave a comment if you would like to get together and please leave a way that I can contact you so we can plan a day.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Blog For Houston Area Arts and Crafters!

Hello! Calling all Houston Texas area women who are interested in arts and crafts. I started this blog because there was no one place (that I could find) that had information, resource links, sites, tutorials, group meetings, crafts show listings, projects, classes etc. about what is happening in the Houston area for arts and crafts. Also coming soon, is a Houston Crafts forum/gallery right here!

Well, now we have one! If you are a Houston area crafter and have a website or blog please email me at and I will put it on the list. Also, if you have craft classes we will have a listing for that also, so send them to me to be posted. Do you know of any upcoming craft shows? Send that along to be posted here as well, with the details so other can shop or enter.

Are you an arts and craft related retailer - scrapbooking, cardmaking, stained glass, ceramics etc. etc.? Do you have hold classes? Send me the info and it will be listed. I would like this site to be a "one stop" for all your crafting needs or desires!

Are there crafting groups who meet here in and around Houston? List them here so others can find you and join in!

What are we crafting in Houston? I will highlight different crafts from Houston area crafters and have sections in the forum for you to meet up and discuss. So, leave me a comment and/or email me at the address above with what you do!

If you are a in the Houston area and are into arts and crafts this is the place for you! To get this site going and to provide the best content, please add your comments, links, listings, resource info etc and link to this blog. Share it with your arts and craft friends so we can grow!

This site is for all arts and crafts, and you will make it what it is with your contributions! What would you like to see? What would you like to learn? Post it here in the comments, future forum, or email me so you can get the info you need!

Content info: Only arts and crafts links, info, resources, sites, show listings, classes etc. will be posted and will be subject to approval of such nature. Under no circumstances will any info, photo, link, site, listing, resource etc. contain any adult content! This site is to be a safe family friendly place where all including children can use. If any slip by the censor, please, email me immediately and it will be removed. DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFO IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, email it to me privately, none will be shared, sold or otherwise used for personal gain.

I will be working on the blog so it will have a "crafty" look and feel, updating it with the links and such that I have, working on the format the info will be listed etc. Be sure to check back often and send info on Houston area arts and crafts so it can be posted!

Create something unique!